Poet's Note : This poetry was originally written in Hindi titled 'Sone Ki Nagri'. I found that it loses none of its character in its English translation.

Title : The Sea Of Plenty
Poet : FJB

She lay there dying,
Besides the sea of plenty,
For want of food, of shelter, of love.

No ray of hope,
No beam of life,
No one could say,
But she was torn of strife.

No reason from her words,
No rhythm for her life,
She did not die,
She did not live,
But hung there between.

The wails of her unborn child,
The jingle of her empty bowl,
They could not hear, They could not see,
Alas they could not feel.

Her shattered hopes,
Her battered dreams,
She could not cry, She could not scream,
Ah, when did she speak.

Somebody's daughter, somebody's mother,
Somebody's wife, somebody's lover,
She lay there,
Forlorn, forsaken, forbidden,
From the world she could have reigned.

She lay there dying,
Besides the sea of plenty,
From hunger, From cold,
From the deficit of love.
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